What Our Client’s Are Saying…


“In addition to her accomplishments and hard work,
her interior design sense has won Prime Home Builders numerous awards.”
– Larry Abbo, Vice President Prime Home Builders, Ft. Lauderdale, FL


“My condo turned out beautiful and well deserving of the
PRISM Award Host interiors won for the design.”
– Lynne Landry-Guenette, Ft. Lauderdale, FL


“Artistic without being pretentious”
– Mary Lou Wojcik, Chicago, IL


“I had a very tight deadline to meet and Host Interiors not only met the deadline
but exceeded my design expectations.”
– Frank and Joann Pisani, Deerfield Beach, FL


“My bathroom was beautifully done and Sonia was very pleasant to work with.
I will be using her again to update my master bedroom.”
– Carleen Widelitz, Parkland, FL


“I used Sonia for picking out the colors of the interior of my house. I just love what she put together.
My neighbor was so impressed she hired her to remodel her master bath.”
– Lori Lueck, Parkland, FL